A Note From Our CEO

Tom King


Amazona Clouds is inspired by and named after my daughter Amazona.

Everyone needs a purpose in life and mine is currently 4ft and on her way to becoming a ninja.

We’re a high tech family business that grew out of the jungle and moved into the city.

We’ve met all kinds of wonderful people along the few and a few even gave up their day jobs to join our tribe of dedicated and passionate world beaters.

Together we have gone through many ups and downs and overcome challenges big and small to achieve some pretty incredible things.

It’s these experiences that have made Amazona what it is. Whatever it is.

Blue sky thinking is the analogy we use to describe the unexplored potential that exists in any business and because outdated structures and boundaries will never limit our thinking – The Sky’s the limit.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to think big and dream wild.

In the meantime, feel free to say hello@amazoanclouds.com

Kawsay Pac (for life)

The Team

Our creative team is based out of our office in Peru.
Our commercial team work from our office next to St Pauls in the city of London.
Whilst our spiritual home is Ibiza ( where we’re opening an office in 2020)

Tom King


Andrew Elia


Cagatay Kirici


Claudia Chávez


Diego Chávez

Creative & Art Director

Erick Alban

Digital Strategist

Gabriel Roeschli

Audiovisual Producer

Great! Let’s take off.